Windows CE 6.0 Problems with Datalogic Memor X3

With DATALOGIC MEMOR System X3 together with operating system Windows CE 6.0, we detected fatal software crash after Power OFF / Power ON the system, during usage our software for mobile data collection WIN CE MOBILE DATA.

The software WIN CE MOBILE DATA is mainly unchanged since some years and well tested in Windows CE 5.0 and other operating systems. We still not found such problems in the old DATALOGIC MEMOR system – but the new MEMOR X3 system, after power down and switching the system on again, in some cases, the software crashes totally with an error message, sometimes the software is frozen.

We found out two reasons:

1) This configuration is not able to work with more then one timer inside the software.

Our software used several timers to present a valid date / time combination for the user at any time.. One timer inside the user menu, others inside the different input menus, updated every second.

Solution: We just created an updated version for WIN CE MOBILE DATA software 1..6.x with supports one timer inside the main menu only. All other timers are removed from  the software package.

2) This configuration crashes when the software is started from the internal SD CARD medium.

Solution: We copy the software from SD CARD into a folder inside PROGRAMM FILES and start the software from this folder.

Together with this two changes our test environmen works well again. We will change our production information system for a new setup workaround in delivering such systems. We did not recogneized any other problems still yet.

Hans-J. Walter
Software Engineering



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